Whoh shit

2008-09-25 12:23:52 by Luminousclock

Went to the dentist to day...TO HAVE A TOOTH REMOVED!!! This was bloody painful for me and I had to have three injections. It was this simply:
Sit in chair.
Inject x2.
Tug tug.
Scream slighly in pain.
Steamed up goggles. (don't ask why.)
Call for support.
Tug tug. Tug tug.
Compleatly in tears.
Goggles steam up.
Tooth's out.
Wadding in.
Rest is history.

X Luminousclock


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2008-09-25 13:28:15

weird when i had mine pulled i felt nothing

but mine were baby teeh; if they wer epermanant teeth it might be different

Luminousclock responds:

the one I had pulled out was a baby tooth. mind you,that's girls for ya!


2008-10-01 21:56:08

I had seven teeth taken out in one visit before....wasn't all too fun but I didn't cry..not even when one of the teeth they pulled out split in half in the process.....but yeah.....it hurt like hell for the rest of the week...

Luminousclock responds:

SEVEAN!!!! OMFG well now I'm having a teribble time trying to brush my teeth. it's the second from the back on the top right