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2011-06-06 17:07:49 by Luminousclock

this account is dead


2009-08-06 15:27:48 by Luminousclock

Well I'll be doing animating possably when I get back to school. That'll be usfull here (duh). Tepoely, I might be voice acting for some people.

Been getting frendly with Nogginanimations, he's let me abord his crazy train as a new charactor. WHOOT!!!


2008-11-02 05:16:29 by Luminousclock

Nothing much worth of an update, But on sheezy I offered an artrade ant the responce was great. Artwork 1 is mine a fae 1 is his.

Whoh shit

2008-09-25 12:23:52 by Luminousclock

Went to the dentist to day...TO HAVE A TOOTH REMOVED!!! This was bloody painful for me and I had to have three injections. It was this simply:
Sit in chair.
Inject x2.
Tug tug.
Scream slighly in pain.
Steamed up goggles. (don't ask why.)
Call for support.
Tug tug. Tug tug.
Compleatly in tears.
Goggles steam up.
Tooth's out.
Wadding in.
Rest is history.

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2008-07-13 12:14:24 by Luminousclock

<3 Luminous. XXX

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